These notes are only for those already engaged in the practice. Please do not share them with other people.

Put yourself wholeheartedly into what at this moment is being done.

Whatever is being done, put yourself into it and do it as carefully and as thoroughly as you can. Start with ordinary physical activities, such as brushing the teeth, washing, dressing, picking things up, putting them down, eating and drinking, opening and closing doors, walking.

The Practice is in the doing.


The moment you catch yourself not wholeheartedly in the doing, usually because lost in thought or some other distraction, say, ‘Stay here!’ and snap yourself back to what at this moment is being done and, again, put yourself wholeheartedly into doing it.

What at this moment is being done is not the same as what at this moment ‘I am doing’. ‘What is being done’ leaves ‘I’ out, which makes sense if ‘I’ is put into the doing and so becomes absorbed in the activity.