These notes are only for those already engaged in the practice.

Put emotion to work

When upset and unable to contain yourself, when at the point of wanting to cry or scream or shout or run away, look down to your midriff and say to the emotion in you ‘You and I are going to do some work together!’ and immediately, go with the emotion raging inside you and put yourself and all that energy into a physical activity: clean the kitchen worktop or the floor vigorously, go up and down stairs twenty or thirty times, run a hundred metres as fast as you can, do some activity that you can put yourself into wholeheartedly. And do it carefully, all the time paying attention to detail.

Take the emotion with you and together put it into the doing.

If you are doing it half-heartedly, tell yourself to do it properly. Say ‘That’s not good enough, put everything you’ve got into it!’

If you are doing it angrily, tell yourself to do it properly. Say, ‘Do it carefully and quietly!’

Do this until the emotion has subsided and then return to what you were doing or were about to do before it started.